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Sutliff English Pipe Tobacco Sampler


Welcome this attractive pipe tobacco assortment from Sutliff.

When it comes to pipe tobaccos, Sutliff is a brand that reigns supreme. Tracing their roots all the way back a small boutique tobacco shop established in 1849, the Sutliff brand has established themselves as an industry standard. And as an industry standard, Sutliff makes the traditional English style blends that are featured in this sampler so much more genuine. So when you pick up this savory sampler of five 1.76oz tins, you can find out yourself what over 160 years in the business has wrought...

Sutliff English Pipe Tobacco Sampler contains:
Sutliff Field Master
Sutliff Blend 5
Sutliff R-Blend
Sutliff Westminster
Sutliff Berkshire

Sutliff English Pipe Tobacco Sampler
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