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Padilla Series 1968 Collection

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Limited Time Offer:
Padilla Series 1968 Collection Only $39.99

Remember the scene in The Revenant where Leonardo gets mauled by an angry bear? Yeah, that was awesome. This week's deal is equally awesome, but not nearly as violent. Actually, it's quite the opposite, these Padillas are about as smooth and relaxing​ as they come. Featured here are three versions of the highly acclaimed Padilla Series 1968 line. You'll get the Original 1968​ blend, the Golden Bear​, and the dark Black Bear. All 6"x60, all cool burning, and super satisfying. The Padilla Series 1968 Collection takes twelve cigars total, and shrinks the price down to a much more manageable ball of fur. For a limited time only, the Padilla Series 1968 Collection is only $39.99Three different blends, each big enough to protect yourself from random grizzly attacks.

The Padilla Series 1968 Collection contains:
4 x Padilla Series 1968 Original (6.0"x60)
4 x Padilla Series 1968 Golden Bear (6.0"x60)
4 x Padilla Series 1968 Black Bear (6.0"x60)

Valid Until 2/15/16

Padilla Series 1968 Collection
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12 CIGARS In Stock $102.00 $39.99