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ACID Kuba Kuba Maduro (5.0"x54) 10 CIGARS

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Truly symbolizes the rebirth of cigars.

When Jonathan Drew founded Drew Estate cigars, he knew that they weren't going to be your typical, traditional cigar brand. So as Drew Estate continued to grow year after year, their tagline of, "the rebirth of cigars" seemed very fitting. Drew Estate brought a new element to the cigar industry with their unique tobaccos and infusions that attracted new cigar enthusiasts to what was formerly considered a stodgy conservative hobby. And as Drew Estate keeps pushing the limits of the industry, they only further their reputation as one of the best cigar manufacturers in the business.

ACID cigars are a combination of premium whole-leaf, long-filler Nicaraguan tobaccos and essential oils which are gently infused into the cigars, providing a unique aroma and flavor unlike anything you've ever experienced. These premium cigars appeal to both traditional aficionados as well as a new generation of cigar enthusiasts searching for something different. Drew Estate is truly making the cigars of tomorrow, but they're doing it today. Available in a variety of sizes and wrappers, ACID cigars have moved beyond a fad and remain a fixture in the cigar world. You'd be remiss if you didn't try them at least once, and after that it's practically guaranteed that you'll be back for more.

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Gran Habano Vint. '02 Rob (5.0"x50) 10 CIGARS

$24.99 $50.00 You Save 50% In Stock

Gran Habano's well-aged fan favorite.

Due to the success of Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo, the factory stockpiled the same limited wrapper for seven years to use in another blend. That blend, Vintage 2002, is a one time production made with this aged wrapper, and is now available for a limited time.

Located in the town of El Pariaso rests the Gran Habano factory, just outside of Danli, Honduras. This factory produces all of Gran Habano's cigars from the original Connecticut #1 to the highly sought after 3 Siglos blend. Father and son team, Guillermo and George Rico, have built their brand from the ground up, creating unique, award winning blends famous for their complexities and deliberate flavors.

Vintage 2002 contains the same exact blend as the award winning Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo, and utilizes premium long leaves grown in the most fertile regions of Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The difference is that Vintage sports a beautiful, oily Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper from 2002, which creates ample spice mixed with earthy nuances. Don't fret though, with 7 years of age under its belt, this blend remains smooth and creamy from start to finish with thick, hearty flavors of nuts and earth masked with an underlying coffee-like sweetness. It's a fantastic, well-aged cigar.

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Diesel Shorty (4.5"x60) 10 CIGARS

$34.99 $70.00 You Save 50% In Stock

The stout Diesel you've been looking for...

If you're searching for a Diesel blend that packs a bit more of a punch, then pick up a box of Diesel Shorty Ltd. Edition today! These special cigars were crafted by A.J. Fernandez for Hollywood Reality TV Mogul Shorty Rossi as his daily cigar. Shorty spent time with A.J. Fernandez to craft this special 4.5""x60 size that packs a full-bodied punch from start to finish. 

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