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Brick House Fumas Robusto (5.0"x54) BDL OF 20

$29.99 $80.00 You Save 63% In Stock

Such a historic brand has never been so easy on the wallet.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better cigar at a lower price than Brick House. JC Newman is bringing even more value to the table with their new release, Brick House Fumas.

Brick House Fumas are handmade in Nicaragua and contain a mixed-filler blend of the same tobaccos contained in the current Brick House. Brick House Fumas are medium to full-bodied with top-notch construction and balanced notes of cream, cedar, and spice.

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Gurkha Warpig Robusto (5.0"x54) 10 CIGARS

$29.99 $90.00 You Save 67% In Stock

War. Good God, ya'll..

Gurkha Warpig offers a new standard for the Gurkha line. Enthusiasts from all around the world, including heads of state, world leaders, and even the Sultan of Brunei enjoy Gurkha cigars. These cigars utilize only the finest tobaccos available and are created with impeccable craftsmanship due to Gurkha's incredibly high quality assurance standards.

Gurkha Warpig keeps with the legendary line's reputation for mouth-watering blends and beautiful packaging. But everyone knows that the packing doesn't mean anything if the blend isn't there. In this case, the blend is definitely there. Starting with the silky smooth, oily maduro wrapper, Warpig is bold and powerful with a refined finish. The Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers provide powerful notes of cedar, black pepper and oak, while the seamless maduro sprinkles in clean notes of espresso and cocoa. The best thing is this beauty is priced for everyday enjoyment.

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A. Fuente Anejo #60 Maduro (6.2"x48) 5 CIGARS

$49.99 $60.00 You Save 17% In Stock

Aged in cognac barrels, one of the rarest cigars on the planet.

The Fuente name is no stranger to cigar enthusiasts both at the novice and aficionado levels. With a '94' rating from Cigar Aficionado, it's no wonder for generations they have been producing the best tobacco and the best cigars in the Dominican Republic. After the hugely successful launch of their coveted Opus X cigar, a new idea was born. This idea was for a cigar that uses the very best Dominican filler and binder, but adds a 5-year-old Connecticut maduro wrapper aged in a cognac barrel. The cigar became known as Fuente Anejo (extra Viejo). Fuente Anejo is a full-bodied Dominican cigar with an unique aging process that leaves a very distinct finish on the palate. Typically, only available around Father's Day and Christmas, this cigar is one of the hardest to find and exclusive cigars in the world. While this line features several different sizes, it is also home to one of the world’s most famous shapes, the No. 77 or shark as it is commonly referred to. It was the first torpedo-shaped cigar ever rolled, so it progresses from a rounded parejo shape to a square press. This size is particularly rare.

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