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Estd. 1844 Anejado No. 50-xtra (6.0"x50) 10 CIGARS

$24.99 $61.11 You Save 59% In Stock

A premium, everyday maduro rolled in figurado sizes.

It's not every day that you stumble across a Nicaraguan handmade for less than $2.50 apiece, especially in massive figurado sizes, but Estd. 1844 is that rare gem. Packed full of premium Nicaraguan long fillers all masked by a toothy maduro wrapper grown in the San Andres Valley of Mexico, you'll love the blend's complex and well-balanced flavors. From head to foot you're met with light spices, hints of cedar, earthy undertones, and a natural sweet finish from the maduro wrapper that leaves an oily feel on your palate. This is simply an outstanding cigar, especially for the price.

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Gurkha Vintage Shaggy Grand Rothschild (6.5"x55) 10 CIGARS

$29.99 $109.00 You Save 72% In Stock

World-renowned cigars.

When nothing less than the best will do, aficionados everywhere look to Gurkha. For years Gurkha has been the choice cigar among the most elite, from business executives to royalty. They have been commissioned by some of the biggest names to make the world's finest cigars from the best tobacco.

Gurkha Vintage Shaggy is a stellar medium-bodied cigar featuring an attractive, unfinished shaggy foot. Well-aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic provide a highly unique gathering of flavors, including oak and spice that is smoothed over with delicious hints of vanilla on the finish. This offering from Gurkha is an experience that shouldn't be missed.

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Drew Estate Undercrown Gran Toro (6.0"x52) 10 CIGARS

$49.99 $79.50 You Save 37% In Stock

A top-seller from Drew Estate.

Not only have the folks at Drew Estate won the world over with their countless infused blends, but they amazed everyone with their traditional Liga Privada No. 9. Not to rest on their laurels, they have since come out with a handful of small batch, traditional lines that are well worth the attention.

Undercrown was created at the rolling tables by Drew Estate's rollers - not in a board room or meeting. The story goes as such: Drew Estate allows their rollers to smoke any of the cigars in production, and the rollers loved the original Liga Privada No. 9 blend so much that it was all they ever smoked. While most would consider that a ringing endorsement, Drew Estate was worried about the availability of the tobaccos. The primings used for the No. 9 are so rare and limited that they had to remove Liga Privada No. 9 from the list of cigars the rollers are allowed to smoke. The rollers then improvised and used different primings of the same tobacco to make a new blend they could enjoy in the factory every day. This new blend impressed the Drew Estate team so much that they rolled it out to the market, and thus, Liga Privada Undercrown was born.

Differing from the No. 9 wrapper, Undercrown is graced with a dark brown San Andres maduro wrapper. The San Andres wrapper adds some spice to the blend and makes its presence known in the onset of the cigar. The blend develops nicely with flavors of espresso and hints of cashews. Undercrown comes off as a medium-bodied cigar that expels a lot flavor with a cool, perfectly even burn. Expect a medium finish as this blend is perfect for every cigar enthusiast.

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