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00:00:00:00 American Label Gordo (6.0"x60) 10 CIGARS

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Our flagship line returns triumphantly with inspiration from Uncle Sam. American Label was the FIRST cigar created using 100% American tobaccos!

As the team pondered an extension to our highly successful House Blends, we went through a handful of countries where we could get tobacco and build a brand. The problem was that none of them made for very good blends. And after working on this project over a couple of weeks, we ended up coming to a standstill. And then quite suddenly. some good old fashioned American tobacco showed up on our radar.

So what's in an American Label? Well, let's first start out by saying this was the first blend made up of purely 100% American tobaccos rolled in Nicaragua. It starts with Connecticut Broadleaf and Connecticut Habano fillers nestled underneath a Wisconsin binder (no, that wasn't a typo…Wisconsin). This unique blend is then wrapped up with a Connecticut-shade wrapper and is packed with flavor. Mild to medium in body, this blend hits you with cedar and cream flavors up front and finishes with notes of freedom and liberty.

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Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo El Martillo (5.5"x54) 10 CIGARS

$39.99 $78.38 You Save 49% In Stock

A full-bodied Antano that produces a richer character with a semi-sweet finish.

As the first brand ever produced in Nicaragua, the Antano line is a true piece of cigar history. Ten years after its initial release, the makers of Joya de Nicaragua produced Dark Corojo.

Nicaragua is the fastest growing cigar manufacturing country in the world, but that hasn't always been the case. In 1964, the very first cigar factory opened in Nicaragua, which relative to other cigar producing nations is a late start. Joya de Nicaragua was the first real brand made in the factory, and in 1970 it was the cigar of choice in the United States, smoked by the elites of society and politicians of the day.

Antano Dark Corojo sports an oily, toothy, and extra-fermented Corojo wrapper that gives it an incredibly dark appearance. Inside you'll find a blend of premium Nicaraguan long leaf tobaccos, all aged at least 3 years to create a smooth, creamy balance. Due to the wrapper's extra-fermentation, this potent Joya offers a semi-sweet finish, which is a departure from the original Antano blend. It's a fantastic after-dinner blend.

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Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro Quadrum (5.5"x55) 10 CIGARS

$39.99 $95.00 You Save 58% In Stock

A maduro makeover worth the hype.

Alec Bradley's most popular line of cigars gets a maduro makeover... Produced at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas in Honduras, Tempus is Latin for “time” which is more than an appropriate title for this blend. When creating Tempus, Alan Rubin spent years in an area along the border of Honduras and Nicaragua where a particular tobacco was growing in extremely small quantities on only a few acres of land. Alan began purchasing the best wrapper from this farm, in small amounts, over a period of several years and finally obtained enough to produce a phenomenal cigar; one that balances strength with flavor, creating a very smooth character.

Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro picks up where the original Tempus line left off. Generously stuffed with Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers, Tempus Maduro gets finished off with a rich, hearty San Andres maduro wrapper. This thick wrapper is applied seamlessly to the blend for a bold, espresso flavor that lingers. The full-bodied blend packs a punch and is the perfect end of day blend.

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