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Romeo y Julieta Vintage No. 7.5 (6.2"x54) 10 CIGARS

$49.99 $110.00 You Save 55% In Stock

Unchanged for over 20 years.

The legendary Romeo y Julieta tale continues with the Romeo y Julieta Vintage. As one of the most popular cigars in the world, the Romeo y Julieta brand debuted in Cuba in 1875, and has since established a strong reputation for uncompromising quality and flavor. Almost 100 years after the brand's creation production expanded outside of Cuba, and a new chapter was about to begin.

While brands and cigar companies have lasted decades in the business, you rarely find a blend that has remained intact that long. And with Romeo y Julieta Vintage, you get just that. Remaining unchanged for over 20 years, this Romeo comes loaded with mellow, yet flavorful Dominican fillers encased inside a light Connecticut wrapper. The result is one of the most universal blends in the business. Any enthusiast will enjoy the balanced cigar ripe with notes of cedar, cashews, and cream.

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Return of the Plumpkins – Fat Camp 22 CIGARS

$69.99 $154.00 You Save 55% In Stock

Time to go to Fat Camp!

Get  the fattest, most stacked set of girthy and bulbous cigars ever put together in one package.  Return of the Plumpkins - Fat Camp features 22 BIG CIGARS never before assembled together.

Return of the Plumpkins - Fat Camp contains:
1 x Camacho Corojo Ltd. 11/18 MADURO (6"x56)
1 x Nub Dub (4.0"x60)
1 x Asylum 13 The Ogre (7.0"x70)
1 x Room 101 San Andres 808 (6.0"x60)
1 x Diesel Hair of the Dog Salomon (7.0"x58)
1 x Ramon Bueso Genesis Muy Bueso (6.0"x60)
1 x Nub Habano Sun Grown Dbl Perfecto (4.5"x64)
1 x Man O' War Side Project Skull Crusher (5.75"x56)
1 x Camacho Corojo Diadema Maduro (8.0"x60)
1 x Diesel Unholy Cocktail (7.0"x58)
1 x NUB Connecticut Studio Tobac (4.0"x66)
1 x Diesel Unlimited (7.0"x58)
1 x CLE Cuarenta Sixty (6.0"x60)
1 x Ramon Bueso Odyssey Muy Bueso (6.0"x60)
1 x Camacho Havana Diademas (8.0"x60)
1 x Cain 'F' Nub 464 Torpedo (4.0"x64)
1 x Legado de Pepin Gordo (6.0"x60)
1 x Gurkha Shaggy Grand Rothschild (6.0"x55)
1 x Macorix Maduro Gordo (6.5"x60)
1 x El Mejor Double Perfecto (6.0"x60)
1 x Cu-Avana Intensus Hammerhead (6.0"x56)
1 x Macorix Habano Gordo (6.5"x60)

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General Grant Corona (5.0"x42) BOX OF 30

$27.50 $45.00 You Save 39% In Stock

"A Smokin' His Cigar..."

General Grant cigars have that iconic, old school look and feel due to the Cuban-esque edging strips on the box and the Americana themed design. Their rich flavor and amazing everyday price is even better.

These 5.0"x42 lovelies are rolled freehand without bands, the same way cigars were produced in America in the late 1800s. Handcrafted with filler tobaccos stemming across Central America, you'll discover light complexities as earthy richness overwhelms your palate. Now, don't get us wrong. These beauties are far from super premiums, but they are great-tasting quick smokes for the golf course, car ride, or during a much needed lunch break. Packed in boxes of 30, General Grant cigars are great tasting, everyday options when you don't want to burn through your pricier selections.

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