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The rarest and most unique cigars in the world.

H. DeCabanas c.1931



One of the oldest registered Cuban marks.

Following the approval of the King to make and export Cuban cigars during a time when the tobacco monopoly was still in force, the Spaniard Francisco Alvarez Cabanas went from twisting the cigars he consumed to producing them for sale in a small shop in Havana in the early 1800s. From these humble beginnings, the Cabanas cigar factory would become the largest in the country. Alvarez Cabanas’ daughter Maria married, Manuel Gonzalez Carvajal, a Spanish emigrant who had worked in the Cabanas factory shortly after arriving to Cuba and the Cabanas & Carvajal partnership was born.

Taking over the company upon her father’s death, the brand was renamed H. De Cabanas y Carvajal and continued to prosper until 1962. Manufactured in 1931 using all Havana leaves, these perfectos were packaged in a decorative, Spanish cedar-lined tin and remain astoundingly in fine smoking condition. This exceptional and near-extinct representative of one of the oldest registered Cuban marks is a very special find.

Perfectos Extra (5.5"x49) Medium-Full
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