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CAO Concert



A '90' rated party for your palate.

CAO once again pushes the boundaries of what's normal in the cigar industry. Known for their trendy packaging and superb blending abilities, CAO cigars are a highly sought after commodity by most aficionados. Their blends are created from only the top quality tobaccos available, and each blend maintains unique flavors and characteristics from the others. CAO Concert proves yet again that CAO is not just a passing trend, but is rather a well-established brand and a staple addition to humidors across the world.

Always needing to standout, CAO Concert utilizes a luscious Ecuadorian Rosado wrapper set atop a mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler leaves. And setting the bar even higher, they also slip in a Connecticut Broadleaf binder that adds to the incredibly smooth and flavorful experience. Upon lighting, the cigar oozes with notes of leather and cedar with hints of espresso and sweetness on the finish. This cigar is another winner in the CAO portfolio.

Amp (Corona) (5.5"x46) Medium-Full
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Solo (Robusto) (5.5"x50) Medium-Full
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