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Signature Collection Vintage 2004 Sun Grown



Well-aged tobaccos make for a savory blend.

Don’t have the patience to age your cigars? No problem, most of don’t. Heck, half the time I’m so excited to fire up a new stogie that my new stash is gone by the weekend. Signature Collection, however, does the waiting for you. These two blends use wrappers that are aged for a minimum of 7 years before they’re packed up shipped to our facility ready to be enjoyed by some of the most discerning palates.

Choose between an 8 year-aged Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper or a 7 year-aged Costa Rican maduro wrapper and experience how patiently aging tobaccos makes for a superb blend. Normally full and robust, the Sungrown-wrapped blend is rich and hearty with notes of spice, leather, and earth. Medium in body, the blend will satisfy those enthusiasts who want power yet will be smooth enough for the mild-bodied enthusiasts. The maduro-wrapped blend is also rich but is full of cocoa and espresso flavors. This mouth-watering blend is an excellent after-dinner cigar and pairs well with about any bourbon or scotch.

Corona (5.5"x42) Medium-Full
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Robusto (5.7"x50) Medium-Full
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