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  • Re: How do i catch a frog?

    LiquidChaos66: Bob Luken:Now you need a box full of geckos. Ya' know,....those little lizards. They eat crickets. If the geckos get out of hand, get a few ferrets. If they get out of hand I'd suggest a falcon. I don't know what eats falcons but a twelve gauge ought to bring it down. Maybe your cats like falcon meat. My wife and I LOST IT!!! ...
    Posted to Non Cigar Related (Forum) by Martel on December 17, 2014
  • Re: NFL Chat Thread...

    Romo, schmomo. Luck will show him a thing or two about the QB position this week. Rain:
    Posted to Non Cigar Related (Forum) by Martel on December 16, 2014
  • Re: Movie Trivia Pass

    james40: jimmyv723:Time Bandits... Known it for a few clues but was trying to see if anyone else would get it. Really need to watch this and the others again because it's been a while but huge Monty Python and Terry Gilliam fan. Winner, winner of a cigar dinner. Send me your address and cigar preference details. Clue 1 - This movie is also ...
    Posted to Trades, Passes and Bombs (Forum) by Martel on December 11, 2014
  • Re: Slideshow of Chi town 14 HERF

    Good times! Wish I could have been there with y'all.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Martel on December 11, 2014
  • Re: This will make us all act nice

    They're(Since Randy beat me to the ''you're.'')
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Martel on December 10, 2014
  • Re: name my Scout

    Gregg Easterbrook writes a football and more column for ESPN, Tuesday Morning Quaterback, where, in protest of the Washington NFL team's name he calls them the ''Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons.'' This could become the plate: PDBIP. However, that only works if you're a fan of the team or protesting its name. And it's not very catchy.I ...
    Posted to Trades, Passes and Bombs (Forum) by Martel on December 9, 2014
  • Re: Things I Hate

    Bigshizza:Planes... They don't make it comfortable at allDon't remind me...I'm trying not to think about this right now. Six and a half hours minus a short layover ahead of me today.
    Posted to Non Cigar Related (Forum) by Martel on December 5, 2014

    Please remember me, bros. Another job interview this weekend. Flying out tomorrow afternoon to WA. Threw my back out earlier this week and not looking forward to cramming my frame into airline seats, but I am looking forward to the trip.
    Posted to Non Cigar Related (Forum) by Martel on December 4, 2014
  • Re: Movie Trivia Pass

    I'll try this guess again since it didn't work last time, but there are brief Spain and US visits in the movie...Love Actually
    Posted to Trades, Passes and Bombs (Forum) by Martel on December 4, 2014
  • Re: Ro's question of the day.....12/02/14

    4, for sure. I've done 3 a couple of times. Most days I don't even get to smoke one, so I've got to make up for it. Usual limit is two. The third one will be a dog rocket unbanded second or something like a 5 Vegas (same difference?). Just clearing humi space, y'know?
    Posted to Non Cigar Related (Forum) by Martel on December 3, 2014
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