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Born into a Jewish family in Novhorod-Siverskyi (formerly Russia, now Ukraine) in 1906, Zino Davidoff was the son of a tobacco merchant. His father had a business in Kiev, but the family migrated to Geneva in 1911 and opened a small tobacco shop. Born out of those humble beginnings came the Davidoff brand, which remains one of the strongest brands in the cigar industry today.

It is fitting that one of Davidoff’s top lines is named to honor the man who built the Davidoff empire. Davidoff produces some of the best cigars in the industry, so it is impressive that their Zino line is one of their best and most sought-after. The Zino line implements strict quality control and expert craftsmanship and uses only the most premium tobaccos. For a rich and smooth experience, try the Zino Platinum Scepter Series. If you want to try an exciting cigar, pick up the Zino Nicaragua, which promises to be adventurous and bursting with flavor.

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