Sam Leccia

After a hiatus from the cigar business that lasted several years, Sam Leccia is back and better than ever. Leccia Tobacco is all about experimenting with unique tobaccos and creating distinct blends. With each carefully formulated blend, Sam Leccia gets to the heart of what makes a great cigar, and his passion and enthusiasm for uncovering the right blend shows through brilliantly in each masterfully crafted premium. Try Sam Leccia's perfectly blended Black comprised of dark-fired tobaccos, the spicy sweet tribute to Mexican wrestling Luchador, and the unique Sam Leccia White draped in a rare African Sun-grown leaf wrapper. Each Sam Leccia cigar you select is certainly a flavorful joyride for your taste buds from his innovative tobacco blends. 


Sam Leccia Black Cigars

Sam Leccia Black

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Sam Leccia Luchador Cigars

Sam Leccia Luchador

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Sam Leccia Luchador El Gringo Cigars

Sam Leccia Luchador El Gringo

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Sam Leccia White Cigars

Sam Leccia White

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