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PDR Decadent Dozen Assortment Samplers


PDR Cigars knows a thing or two about making delicious Dominican handmades. With creations including the ‘93' rated A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Habano, several limited-edition Viaje releases, a couple blends for Kristoff, and of course, the brand's flagship PDR line. Their state-of-the-art tabacalera is manufacturing some of the most exciting blends that can be bought and, by-golly, ya gotta try these sets!

Simply decide between this duo of Decadent Dozen deals: ONLY $3.33 PER CIGAR PLUS FREE SHIPPING. Or, select both sets to get the most boutique bang for your buck!

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$198.60Only $39.99In Stock
$198.60Only $39.99In Stock