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Nub Cigars

There is a lore among cigar experts that the final third of a cigar is where the best flavors lie. Studio Tobac, a division of Oliva, was convinced they could capture the perfect essence of this “final third” in the entire cigar. Enter Nub cigars. They’ve cut the length, and expanded the ring gauge to create a short cigar that is truly delicious. These cigars burn very slowly, going toe to toe with premiums twice as long. By developing an entirely new segment of cigars, Studio Tobac has changed the way we enjoy premium handmades. Their standard Nub line is available in a wide variety of wrappers including Sumatra, Maduro, Connecticut, and Cameroon, all of which perfectly capture the “sweet spot” of the cigar experience. Beyond this, they’ve also created the popular Nub Nuance line. Nub Nuance stays short and stout, but adds sweet flavors to the mix with their single, double, and triple roast blends. This brand is big on flavor, and never disappoints.


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