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Happy Hour: Right Time for Robustos

There's no way to sugarcoat this, folks. It's cold outside. I know you're probably sick and tired about hearing it, but when it's so frigid even my dog refuses to leave the house, it's a worthy point of discussion. Along with the physical discomfort of freezing, there's the emotional agony of not being able to enjoy your favorite hobbies. Golf, hiking, riding your motorcycle or bike - all essentially out of the question. Worse yet, my relationship with cigars goes wonky in the winter. The obstinately low temperatures not only make the very act of being outdoors unbearable, it's also physically tough on the tobaccos, especially on bigger sized stogies. I have a solution - smaller cigars like robustos. Sure, they don't have the the same gravitas as a Churchill that can keep you puffing all afternoon, but what they lack in size they make up in flavor and performance. This week's Happy Hour I present my go-to cigars for when the thermometer goes too low. Ch-Ch-Cheers!
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