Inheriting his passion for cigars from his father, Erik Espinosa Sr., Erik Espinosa began working in the cigar industry in 1997 and has had his hands on every facet of creating a premium handmade. In that time, Erik has the honor of being the mastermind behind such notable brands as CUbano, La Bomba, and Murcielago.  Now with his own cigar factory, La Zona, he has not eased up on the gas, but rather put the pedal to the metal. Espinosa premium cigars are renowned for their superior craftsmanship, their luxurious flavor profile, and their fair price points. With a broad brand family including the #13 cigar of 2015, the Cigar Aficionado 94-rated Laranja Reserva, Espinosa cigars are a favorite among seasoned cigar enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Witness the passion and talent of Erik Espinosa, a man driven to be the best, and try an Espinosa premium cigar today.


Comfortably Numb by Espinosa, Vol. 1 Cigars

Comfortably Numb by Espinosa, Vol. 1

As low as $8.00
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Espinosa 20th Anniversary (Corona) (6.0"x46) Box of 20

Espinosa 20th Anniversary

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Espinosa Alpha Dawg Cigars

Espinosa Alpha Dawg

As low as $8.40
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Espinosa Crema Cigars

Espinosa Crema

As low as $8.65
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Espinosa Especial Cigars

Espinosa Especial

As low as $46.00
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Espinosa Habano Cigars

Espinosa Habano

As low as $7.25
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Espinosa Laranja Reserva Cigars

Espinosa Laranja Reserva

As low as $9.90
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Espinosa Reggae Cigars

Espinosa Reggae

As low as $9.90
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Espinosa Wasabi Cigars

Espinosa Wasabi

As low as $7.25
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