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End of Summer Salomon Sale


Summer came, it rained, and soon it'll get dark at Noon. But there's a few more weekends for a few last benders, so get psyched for the finale. To ensure maximum enjoyment, don't forget the key ingredient—CIGARS! Specifically, those rolled in curvy, slow-burning Salomon shapes & sizes. These are, generally speaking, larger than average and tend to burn slow & cool, keeping things low-key, never low-quality.

Rest-assured, we have ALL THIS covered with our End of Summer Salomon Sale. 30 options deep, this round-up of some highly UNUSUAL suspects like: Diesel 'Unseen', 5 Vegas BIG FIVE, VIAJE & more, surely there's something for everyone. So take a dip ASAP and see if we can't catch a few more figurados in the sea of options that awaits.

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