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Happy Hour


Cuban Honeys gets revamped with new packaging and delicious blends, and this Happy Hour we have all boxes on sale starting at just $44.99!

Now made by one of the largest producers of flavored cigars in the world, these handmades utilize Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic and all-natural flavors. Smooth, mellow, and aromatic, there are seven different blends to choose from, and each one makes for an exquisite after-dinner treat.

Coffee - Fresh roasted coffee beans impart a velvety smooth coffee flavor with notes of cream and sweetness on the finish.

Southern Gentleman - a delightful combination of ground vanilla bean, tropical fruits, and a dash of bourbon creates bold notes of citrus and vanilla.

Cherry – The most popular flavor within the line, this blend is topped off with a pleasing bouquet of ripe cherries for a highly aromatic smoke.

Dr. Kocher – This unique addition to Cuban Honeys offers a refreshingly sweetened ice cold soda flavor with notes of black cherry.

Drunken Truffle – This classic dessert blend uses coconut extract mixed with whisky, chocolate, Irish cream, and French vanilla for a rich after-dinner cigar.

Honey – The signature natural honey flavor melds wonderfully with a smooth tobacco flavor.

Vanilla – This exceptional vanilla flavor is achieved from a mellow bourbon and vanilla extract blend with lingering notes of caramel and spice.

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