Experience luxury with Cohiba, one of the world’s most recognizable cigar names that symbolize the good life. Cohiba cigars debuted in Cuba where they were originally created as a personal cigar for Fidel Castro. Today the Dominican version is flawlessly crafted, using the same traditional methods incorporated in Cuba, committed to quality. Composed of three different varieties of Cuban-seed tobacco, their flagship line (referred to by many as Cohiba Red Dot), Cohiba has created a medium-bodied modern classic. Not satisfied to stop at just one award-winning premium handmade cigar, Cohiba has gone on to create innovative, bold blends like Cohiba Nicaragua and Cohiba Black, with each release confirming that their blenders are true artisans. This iconic brand is a true display of craftsmanship and uncompromising standards. Discover some of the finest tobaccos Cohiba cigars has to offer.



Cohiba Black

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Cohiba Blue

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Cohiba Macassar

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Cohiba Nicaragua

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Cohiba Puro Dominicana

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Cohiba Red Dot

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