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When you love cigars as much as we do, you don’t cut corners with one's own house blends. We set out on this project with one goal in mind: create blends perfect for any enthusiast, for any occasion. We make frequent visits to the factories where our cigars are crafted to ensure that every step in quality control is being followed. Our American Label is 100% American tobacco, mellow-bodied, and flavorful. Our Cuban Label is another fan favorite. This spicy, robust blend was crafted to recreate the rich aromas and flavors found in Cuban cigars. In fact, the only thing un-Cuban about these is their low price point! We get all of our blends directly from the factory, so we are able to cut out the middle-man, and save you a fortune. House Blends are high-quality, premium handmades at bottom dollar prices. House Blends

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