Big Ben Pipes

Those of you thoroughly involved in the cigar industry probably have heard that the best cigar bands are made in Holland. Those iconic bands we all know and appreciate, such as OpusX, Ave Maria Reconquista, and all of those incredible Gurkha bands all come from Holland. The country is known for producing superior products in terms of quality so it's no wonder that Big Ben Pipes fall in suit. Big Ben Pipes hail from Holland and are incredibly high quality, yet affordable works of art. These pipes tend to be a bit smaller than options from other companies, as they're made to be held in your mouth, not with your hand, and they only hold enough tobacco for about 30 minutes of burn time. Many Big Ben pipe comes with a removable filter, guaranteeing you'll have a great experience from start to finish. 


Big Ben Maestro Smooth + Sandblast Pipes

Big Ben Maestro Smooth + Sandblast

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