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AJ Fernandez Cigars

For three generations, the Fernandez family has been cultivating top quality tobacco. It began in Cuba with Andres Fernandez with his pre-Castro roots and continues today with AJ Fernandez, who is notorious for crafting the wildly popular Man O’ War, Ave Maria, and Diesel blends. AJ personally manages the day-to-day operations of Tabacalera Fernandez in Esteli, Nicaragua, where he grows exclusive tobaccos and creates premium cigars with unmistakable flavor and a top of the line quality.
New World is one of AJ’s most luxurious blends, and it was created as a joint effort with his father, Ismael Fernandez. This gem focuses on flavor over strength and is a favorite among aficionados everywhere. Another top-notch offering from AJ’s portfolio is San Lotano. It was originally created by AJ’s grandfather in their hometown San Luis, Cuba prior to Fidel Castro’s reign, and was one of the most popular cigars in Cuba. After almost a decade, AJ revived the brand. It was well-received with a ‘91’ rating as well as top 25 honors from Cigar Aficionado. Another stellar selection in AJ's repertoire is Bellas Artes. These premiums are made with well-aged tobacco and boast zesty notes of cream, white pepper, cinnamon and orange peel. Enclave is another highly rated premium from AJ which also landed on Cigar Aficionado’s top 25. New World, Last Call and Bellas Artes are some of the other incredible cigars produced by the AJ Fernandez, all blended with perfect balance and crafted to perfection. 


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