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Aganorsa Leaf

Aganorsa Leaf is behind some of the finest cigars being made today. The brand has enjoyed numerous high ratings from the critics, and a slew of rave reviews from aficionados around the world. Part of this success is due to the Nicaraguan terroir, where sophisticated growing techniques, standards, and passions are infused into each crop.

Aganorsa Leaf blends are unique, as from seed to ash, their products are crafted to capture the flavors and aromas associated with centuries-old Cuban tradition, something founder Eduardo Fernandez speaks of with enthusiasm. Employing Cuban agronomists to help achieve their goals, each Aganorsa Leaf cigar is hand-rolled in either of the company's Nicaragua or Miami factories, ensuring consistency and precision each and every time.  A vertically-integrated operation, they say that their leaf is their strength, and with that, a trademark flavor profile is embedded into each Aganorsa experience, regardless of a cigar's strength.  Regardless of which blend you choose, know that with Aganorsa, it will always be premium.

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