Zederkoff Slim Travel Ashtray

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4 out of 5
Not What I Expected
This "ashtray", like many smaller cigar ashtrays, is really more of a cigar rest that can catch fallen ash. It does not have the capacity to handle all of the ash from any normal size cigar. I expected that. I did not expect the size. There are three components here. The first is very thin but rather strong sheet of metal. It is not attracted to a strong magnet, but I think it is a form of steel. It is very nice but fingerprints show up from every touch. The second component is a leather case to store the sheet of metal. The third component is the brace assembly. The rest can slide and rotate inside the brace. This assembly does not fully fit in the case. The wire brace does go in, but the rest itself remains outside the case. That metal sheet is roughly four inches by six inches. Unless you are Captain Kangaroo you will not be able to pocket this ashtray. However the large size renders it much more functional than I expected. It is plenty big enough to handle any robusto with total ease. My largest cigar is an LDF Double Ligero Digger Maduro which is 8.5 inches in length with a 60 ring gauge. I rotated the rest backwards and then I was able to balance this stick on the ashtray with the unlit foot still over the sheet. The rest itself is about two inches in length so the cigar actually seemed rather stable. I was expecting a "pocket ashtray". Instead I got a large ashtray that can handle large cigars. My Digger pretty much maxed out the ashtray's ability with large cigars, but I'm impressed that it handled the Digger at all. This is actually the only ashtray I own that can.