Xikar Xi3 Phantom Cutters Sale



Sleek, light, stylish...cuts perfectly.

A bold addition to the Xi3 line of cutters from Xikar, the Xikar Xi3 Phantom is available in a range of options, each crafted with a range of materials like carbon fiber, redwood, and spalted tamarind. Each cutter features twin, razor-sharp blades, a locking mechanism, and comes complete with Xikar's lifetime warranty.

With its ability to cleanly cut through virtually any cigar, the Xi3 Phantom cutter is one of Xikar's most popular designs and will serve any aficionado for years to come. 

Xikar Xi3 Phantom Damascus
Brushed SteelBackordered Notify$500.00
save $275.0155% off
Xikar Xi3 - Phantom 3D Mayan
BlackBackordered Notify$275.00
save $125.0145% off
Phantom Cutter Carbon Fiber
Carbon FiberBackordered Notify$150.00
save $80.0153% off
Xikar Xi3 Phantom Spalted Tamarind
Spalted TamarindBackordered Notify$120.00
save $50.0142% off