Xikar XFlame Electronic Lighter



The Ultimate Travel Lighter.

Xikar is constantly creating new accessories that are reliable, well-made, and innovative—its newest lighter may be the most travel-friendly accessory on the market. The Xikar XFlame Lighter is wind-proof, rechargeable, and battery operated, meaning you won’t need to rely on butane.

To use it, simply press the foot of the cigar against the coil, press the power button, take a few draws, and voila. Each lighter comes complete with a 62-ring coil, and a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. An additional 62 right burner coil is also sold separately in case you need a back-up. 

Xikar XFlame Burner Coil
62-RingBackordered Notify$19.95
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Xikar XFlame Electronic Lighter
BlackBackordered Notify$69.95
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