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Consistent, across-the-board quality ensures every EXPORT performs like a champ, providing a premium smoking experience time & time again. Score a 15-cigar VARIETY PACK for pennies on the dollar and discover how delicious and reliably rewarding these convenient coronas can be. 

VILLIGER EXPORT is the highest quality machine-made brand on the market. Made entirely of Cuban-seed tobaccos, these cigars are incredibly complex in character, creating smooth, rewarding flavor profiles & delightful aromas. As sure & steady as they burn, each perfectly pressed, convenient corona-sized EXPORT sequentially exceeds expectation with finesse & ease, certain to please even the most skeptical enthusiast. Venture forth for value! 

VILLIGER EXPORT Variety Pack of 15 contains: 
5 x Villiger Export NATURAL Pet.Corona (4.0”x37)
5 x Villiger Export BRASIL Pet.Corona (4.0 x37)
5 x Villiger Export MADURO Pet.Corona (4.0”x37)

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Villiger Export Variety Pack
$21.00 | save $2.01 | 10% off
In Stock
In Stock
$21.00 | save $2.01 | 10% off

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