Viaje Chicharrones



Tobacco TEX-MEX!

Viaje has earned a reputation among enthusiasts for creating some of the most flavorful and unique cigars on the market. A true boutique brand, each blend is made in small batches to ensure quality craftsmanship and complexity you won’t find anywhere else. Viaje Chicharrones fit this description perfectly, as all 3 blends exudes different, delectable flavors from one another, all in a small, fun vitola. Boxes of 90 cigars (30 each of Original, Bold, and Spicy) are available in extremely limited quantities, so be sure to order yours today!

Original: wrapped in a Nicaraguan Corojo leaf, and brimming with AGANORSA-grown Nicaraguan long-fillers. This cigar will treat the palate to rich and creamy notes of roasted nuts, cinnamon, some white pepper, and a bit of spice.

Bold: utilizes the same long-fillers as the original, but is wrapped with a Maduro leaf and has a rich, natural sweetness with notes of dark chocolate, berry, leather, and licorice.

Spicy: draped with a Corojo wrapper and as advertised, has pronounced red pepper spice up front which is complemented by hints of oak, cocoa, and graham cracker.

Original - Corojo (Rothschild) (4.5"x50)
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