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A very special big-ring boutique sampling.

Rocky Patel, a boutique cigar master, set off on a mission in 1996 to create the world’s finest cigars. Some might say he has already achieved this goal with a handful of his 90+ rated gems. Either way, Rocky Patel continues to satisfy cigar aficionados around the world, pursuing pure cigar excellence. Assembled for you here are 16 Rocky Patel cigars, all with a large 60-ring gauge and full of flavor. From the ‘94’ rated Royale to the ‘91’ rated Edge Maduro, there is a blend here to satisfy any palate. 

Rocky Patel Big-Ring Sampler contains:
4 x RP Royale Super Toro (6.0’’x60)
4 x RP ITC Super Fuerte BP Maduro (6.0’’x60)    
4 x RP The Edge Battalion Maduro (6.0’’x60)
4 x RP Broadleaf Super Toro (6.0’’x60)

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Rocky Patel Big-Ring Sampler
16 Cigars
$122.80 | save $52.81 | 43% off
Delayed 30+ Days Notify
Delayed 30+ Days Notify
$122.80 | save $52.81 | 43% off

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