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A Mega Maduro.

Ramon Bueso's story is a bit different from most cigar manufacturers. For starters, he's not Cuban. He's actually a Honduran native. His grandmother owned the first tobacco farm in Honduras, and it was there that Ramon got his start in 1977. Working from the ground up, Ramon has performed in (and perfected) every aspect of the cigar business. From growing to rolling to blending Ramon mastered his craft at the famed Villazon factory, and was an essential part in the factory's success. It is now, after nearly 35 years in the industry, that Ramon Bueso has finally stepped into the spotlight...and it's not a spotlight that will ever be relinquished. 

From the very first puff, you know you're in for a special experience with Ramon Bueso Maduro. The blend releases a medium to full body with a rich flavor and satisfying aroma. It manages to maintain its balance and smoothness throughout as well, giving it a consistent character from head to foot. The fillers consist of a mixture of Nicaraguan and Honduran long leaves taken from three different primings for an unrivaled complexity. These tobaccos are then wrapped inside a Jamastran binder and finished off with a dark, rich Maduro wrapper; the flavorful cherry-on-top. 

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