Quesada Q D'Etat



An Uprising of Flavor.

Originally crafted in 2012, Quesada’s Q D’Etat line is the embodiment pure inspiration and enjoyment. Available in three different vitolas, each cigar offers a different experience, with complexity and construction that can not be beaten.

Howitzer is a large-ringed Dominican puro in a parejo format, and its counterpart—Molotov—features the same blend of tobaccos, but is crafted into a figurado resembling a Molotov cocktail. Both vitolas offer opulent notes of earth, spice, cedar, and a slight underlying sweetness.

Standing out from the crowd is Daga, which is wrapped with an Ecuador Arapiraca leaf and brimming with fillers from the Dominican and Nicaragua. Spicier than the other cigars in this line, Daga offers peppery nuances with hints of cocoa, sweet hay, and wood. 

A truly impressive offering from Quesada, each cigar in this line is completely rewarding. Only limited quantities are available, be sure to sample each vitola so you can experience an uprising of flavor.

Daga (Perfecto) (7.5"x54)
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Howitzer (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
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Molotov (Figurado) (5.0"x58)
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