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Pure decadence. 

Working in multiple countries for over a century, the Quesada family is no stranger to perseverance. They arrived in Cuba from Spain as bakers, but in the late 1800s, were given tobacco to settle a debt, starting them on an entirely different path. Initial success in their new trade had the Quesadas first travel to the Dominican Republic in 1929 to broaden their then Cuban-only portfolio, but the Embargo imposed by the US meant the family would uproot again. By 1974 a new company was started, known simply by the acronym MATASA: based in Santiago, they began with just three rollers, quickly expanding to 35 torcedores to meet demand. 

At their apex, MATASA was home to many storied brands re-blended to meet the needs of the non-Cuban market. The company is now run by the fifth generation who still work with their family patriarch – the legendary Manolo Quesada – bringing cigars to market that cater to the modern aficionado. The España line began as a European exclusive meant to rival the most popular Cuban brands overseas. Quickly spreading through the cigar blogosphere, the Quesadas eventually allowed for US retail of this medium-bodied premium as the market demanded it. Draped in an Ecuadorian Arapiraca wrapper, a Dominican binder over Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers curate an experience full of coffee, leather, caramel, and cedar. It’s a cigar that can be enjoyed at any time, but has the look, feel, and delivery of a luxury product, making any occasion a special one. 

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Short Robusto
Dominican Republic
Has Tip
QES-PM-1000 (Short Robusto) (4.0"x50)
Box of 20
$170.00 | save $90.01 | 53% off
$170.00 | save $90.01 | 53% off
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