PUNISHER is no joke.

This full-bodied, potent blend of Nicaraguan ligeros is one of the strongest cigars we've ever experienced. You will literally FEEL it first — a portion of the overall power & spice each PUNISHER possesses is perceivable as soon as the cigar touches your lips. Once the foot is fired up, you're hit with a hearty helping of heat before waves of full-tilt, fabulous flavor prime the entire palate, leaving no taste bud behind. Like a grilled jalapeño, there's so much to love once you allow the initial intensity to tamper just a tad. Take your time and take a deep breath... but be sure to take solace as we can ascertain at least one absolute — it will ALL BE OK in the end. If the significant amount of people already passionate for PUNISHER prove its potential, it may well end up the most exhilarating & memorable cigar experiences of your life. 

PUNISHER is not all pomp, punch, & pepper. To the surprise of wiser men than me, each puro fully expresses a creamy character as well, a welcomed caveat to its more spice-centric core. Before one can slide back off the edge of their chair, it's quite clear how much nuance and subtlety there is here to spare. PUNISHER's amazing ride is as much a result of the copious sweet & savory notes trying their best to normalize these preternatural premiums as it is the blend's unmatched machismo and foot-to-finish intensity. Whether ironic or simply honest, the most impressive attribute about PUNISHER may be the balance the blend manages to maintain that makes these cigars so damn good.

Cu-Avana Punisher Jalapeno Popper (Perfecto) (4.0"x52)
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Toro (6.0"x54)
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Torpedo (6.0"x52)
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