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This one packs a Punch.

Punch, a well-known brand throughout the cigar industry, gives us another full-throttle bevy of flavors with the Punch Intro Taster. Popular for their full-bodied, and full flavors, Punch cigars brings everything you want to the table. Featuring five of the most iconic Punch blends, this 10-cigar assortment offers a punch, or ten, in all the right places.

Punch Intro Taster contains:

2 x Punch Gran Puro Rancho (5.5”x54)

2 x Punch Bareknuckle Pita (6.1”x50)

2 x Punch Grand Cru Britania Deluxe (6.2”x50)

2 x Punch Pita (6.1”x50)

2 x Punch Signature Robusto (5.0”x54)

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Punch Intro Taster
10 Cigars
$71.10 | save $26.10 | 37% off
Backordered Notify
Backordered Notify
$71.10 | save $26.10 | 37% off

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