Punch Signature



The perfect mix of tradition and modern taste…

Punch Signature pays homage to the brand's heritage while presenting a bold, modern design. Punch Originated in 19th century Cuba and is one of the most famous cigar brands in the world. Known for strong, full-flavored blends, Punch has evolved with its Signature blend that truly showcases legendary blending.

The main feature is an exclusive and specially cultivated Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper that has never before been utilized in the industry. Grown in the Los Rios Provence of Ecuador between two volcanic mountains, it delivers an exceptional burn and tasting profile. Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers are at its core creating a full-bodied cigar that stays true to the Punch name. Topped off with a band that uses artwork from the 1800s and housed in sleek, modern boxes, Punch Signature pays homage to both the past and future.

Gigante (6.0"x60)
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Pita (Toro) (6.0"x50)
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Robusto (5.0"x54)
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Rothschild (4.5"x50)
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Torpedo (5.7"x52)
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