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Ecuador Sumatra
Has Tip
Connecticut Broadleaf
Dominican,  Honduran,  Nicaraguan


The Most Popular Punch Limited Release.

*Product featured below is from Punch Cigars' 2017/18 release of Rare Corojo*

Only released a few times a year, Punch Rare Corojo is always at the top of the the sales charts, and the blend keeps getting better year after year. Rare Corojo's recipe starts with a thick, reddish Sumatra-seed Colorado wrapper that's applied atop a US Connecticut Broadleaf binder leaf, with a well-aged blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers underneath. The result is a robust, full-bodied cigar that is far and away one of Punch's best. Beautifully balanced, but with a bevy of nuances that are easy to note on the palate, and even easier to enjoy. One of Rare Corojo's most interesting characteristics is how well it ages. While great right out of the box, an additional year or two of aging takes the blend to a whole new level. Many enthusiasts pick up at least two boxes every year so they can put one aside for long-term storage.

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En Crystale (Tubo) (Robusto) (5.2"x54)
Box of 20
$175.80 | save $36.54 | 21% off
In Stock
In Stock
$175.80 | save $36.54 | 21% off

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Expert Picks: Winter Winners

Punch Rare Corojo features a beautiful Ecuador Sumatra wrapper with Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos tucked beneath. With a well-deserved '92' rating, this gem is robust, full-bodied, and smooth with an easy draw. A "rare" experience that will leave you coming back for more.

Expert Picks: Hip to be Squared

This Punch is rare for a number of reasons, from the limited yearly production to the unique tobaccos utilized to create its spectacular, full flavor. When aged, the blend flourishes to create an experience that’s indeed rare, and packs a punch that will have you craving this box-pressed beauty for years to come!

Expert Picks: Christmas Lights

Punch Rare Corojo delivers a punch right to the taste buds. Featuring a unique blend using an Ecuadorian grown Sumatra wrapper with long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican, Punch Rare Corojo offers a unique touch of sweetness along with leather and earthy wood tones that is very Cubanesque. Beware, this sampler may cause you to buy a whole box!

Sean G
Sean G Punch Rare Corojo

Rothschild (4.5"x50): Smooth oily wrapper with cedar pre-light aroma. Slow pull with some burn issues throughout. Gradual build in body and aroma finishing medium to full. Wood and nut flavors, slightly too much work but yielded excellent flavors.

Pita (6.1"x50): Dark and toothy wrapper. Slightly tighter draw but produced a lot of smoke. Spice through nose and on palate. Rich aroma and heavy wood notes. Consistent and complex filling the palate with flavor and texture.

El Doble (6.0"x60): Toothy with a reddish brown wrapper. Rich aromas off of the first puff and consistent. Some burn issues throughout. Cool on the palate with some spice on the finish. Burn evens out with a little patience, otherwise wrapper went up like a fuse. Cedar and wood notes predominant.

Double Corona (6.7"x48): Dark and oily, gorgeous wrapper. Excellent burn and draw with an ash that fell even with the foot. Very consistent with a gradual build in character with nut and cedar tones. Well balanced and complex.

Magnum (5.1"x54): Dark and oily wrapper. Smooth draw with a lot of smoke and a sweeter flavor on the palate. Spice through nose and a gradual build in body. Even burn with an ash that fell flush with the foot. Slow smoking with a rich and robust flavor and aroma.

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