Punch Deluxe



It doesn't get much better than Deluxe!

Punch Deluxe delivers a full-bodied concoction of complex flavors similar to the original Punch blend, but with a heartier, heavier, stronger character and more robust finish.

Punch is one of the most famous brand names in cigars, originating in 19th century Cuba. The Honduran version of this cigar debuted in 1969 and is still being made today. As popular as ever, Punch cigars have a unique medium to full-bodied aroma that stems from a diverse blend of Cuban-seed tobacco fillers from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras. The Habano wrappers lend to the strength of this brand, as the filler tobaccos create a thick and rich flavor throughout.  

Comprised of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan, Dominican and Honduran long fillers, Deluxe features an incredibly robust sun grown wrapper that amps up the body to medium-full, while keeping the same smoothness as the original Punch.
With strong notes of earth,  spice, cedar, and a very subtle sweetness, Punch Deluxe serves as excellent evening nightcap.

Chateau L - Double Maduro (Churchill) (7.2"x54)
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Chateau L - Maduro (Churchill) (7.2"x54)
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Box of 25In Stock$229.75
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Royal Coronation Tubes (5.2"x44)
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