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If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Clear Havana,” don’t worry, as it fell out of fashion just after the Embargo in 1963. Describing a cigar made in the U.S. with legally-imported Cuban tobacco, rolled in any one of the many factories which once existed in cities like Tampa or Philadelphia. These particular Clear Havanas from Perfecto Garcia Bros. originated from a prominent factory which employed legendary cigar industry figures like Julio Eiroa in the early 1960s.

Perfecto Garcia Bros. was established in Ybor City in 1905 by four Garcia Brothers: Angel, Jose, Manuel, and Perfecto. Cigars such as this Cedros No. 2 were rolled with tobacco grown on their family farms in Cuba, and the imported tobacco rested in the basement of their 44,000 sq ft brick-faced factory prior to use by the torcedores. About 20 years after the Embargo was enacted, the ownership of the factory changed hands many times, eventually closing for good. 

Although one can sometimes find examples of these exquisitely made long-filler Clear Havana handmades on the auction block, you can avoid paying extra fees by purchasing your piece of U.S. cigar history here at

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Perfecto Garcia Cedros No. 2 (Clear Havana)

Perfecto Garcia Cedros No. 2 (Clear Havana) new

Perfecto Garcia Cedros #2
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