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Dark, decadent Dominicans.

PDR cigars is one of the hottest and rapidly ascending boutique cigar brands on the market today. Headed by Abe Flores, this Dominican-born brand is acclaimed for its old world craftsmanship, high quality tobacco, and reasonable prices. Sample the best of PDR's boldest DARK MADURO blends with this sweet set! 

PDR 3-Cigar Maduro Robusto Assortment contains:
1 x A. Flores Serie Privada SP52 (5.0"x52)
1 x A. Flores AFR-75 San Andres (5.0"x52)
1 x PDR El Trovador (5.0"x52)

PDR 3 Cigar Robusto Assortment - Maduro
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