Partagas Cifuentes



Amazing value from one of the biggest names in cigars. 

Made in the time honored tradition of Ramon Cifuentes, Daniel Nunez created the Cifuentes seasonal blend to commemorate the rich history of Partagas that has spanned more than 160 years. Nunez is the Chief Operating Officer of General Cigar Company and one of the most respected tobacco men in the world. With brands like Partagas Black Label and Cohiba under his belt, Nunez considers the Cifunetes blends one of his greatest achievements.

When you look at the pricing of these sticks, compared to their MSRP in 2004, you'll be enjoyably surprised to see a drastic difference - they're cheaper! No foul play here, we just happened to strike a fantastic deal with Partagas on these tasty cigars and are passing the savings to the faithful. Cifuentes are handmade in the Dominican Republic and are medium-bodied blends perfect for any occasion. The burn is clean and the draw is generous, lending to a thick, full flavor that exudes notes of wood, leather, and some spicy characters that last through the finish.

Diciembre (Robusto) (5.5"x49)
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Enero (Toro) (6.0"x54)
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