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A taste of Padrón.

It seems that Padrón cigars have a trend of receiving 90+ plus rating after 90+ plus rating . This is no surprise as all Padrón cigars are known to be crafted with the only highest quality. Assembled for you here are five of Padrón’s top premium cigars in one clean package. This way you can experience the best, luxurious blends that Padrón has to offer. From their 97-rated 1926 Series to the popular Connecticut-wrapped Dámaso. Whether an awesome gift or for your own enjoyment, get this assortment quick because this Top-Shelf collection is sure to sell fast.

Padrón Top-Shelf Collection Maduro contatins: 
1 x Padrón Family Reserve No. 45 (6.0’’x52)
1 x Padrón 1926 No. 9 (5.2’’x56)   
1 x Padrón 1964 Exclusivo (5.5’’x50)   
1 x Padrón 3000 (5.5”x52)   
1 x Padrón Dámaso No. 32 (5.2’’x52) 

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