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Padrón "Little Hammer" 3-Cigar Case


An Enduring Symbol.

Padron is among the most respected names in the cigar business, as each of their premiums boasts quality craftsmanship and perfectly aged tobaccos. Before the late Jose O. Padron opened his cigar factory in 1964, he worked as a carpenter with a hammer that was gifted to him by a friend. Senor Padron spent countless hours toiling with that hammer to save the money to build his factory. The hard work paid off, and the hammer he received as a gift became Padron’s enduring symbol, as it represents an unwavering spirit and relentless dedication.

The Padron Little Hammer 3-Cigar Case is a gorgeous representation of this company’s meticulous attention to detail, as it is handmade with fine full-grain leather with two adjustable cedar dividers inside. Also lined with Spanish cedar, this case seals tight and creates a humidor-like environment. Also featuring a little hammer on the front with Jose O. Padron’s signature, and an 18-karat gold numbering plate on the bottom, this is among the most beautiful cases available today. With only 350 in existence, this is the ultimate collector’s item for any aficionado.       

Padrón "Little Hammer" 3-Cigar Case
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