Padilla Series '68 '60-Ring' Collection


The taste of excellence.

Padilla Serie 1968 cigars were best-sellers upon their initial release. After a brief absence from the market, the brand made a triumphant return and was greeted with open arms. Enthusiasts have been stockpiling these magnificent morsels by the truckload, and we’re happy to bring you this twelve premium cigar collection so you can get your fill. From mellow/medium to full-bodied, you’re sure to find the perfect blend for any time of day. Pick up this delectable collection and experience the taste of excellence.

Padilla Series '68 '60-Ring' Collection contains:
4 x Padilla Series '68 Double Toro (6.0”x60)
4 x Padilla Series '68 Golden Bear (6.0”x60)
4 x Padilla Series '68 Black Bear (6.0”x60)

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Padilla Series '68 '60-Ring' Collection
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