One Village Coffee - French Blend


An artisanal blend for everyone…

Using only the best sources from around the globe, One Village Coffee is without doubt one of the finest purveyors of premium roast coffee beans in operation today. Whether paired with your favorite cigar, or enjoyed on its own, their all-natural and guaranteed fresh offerings are a worthy addition to your daily routine. Surprisingly affordable considering their exotic origins, the price allows you to indulge without breaking the budget. As a Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic company, not only does One Village support social and economic sustainability, they also ensure their coffee growers are fairly compensated and cared for. Their dedication to perfection is obvious in every part of the brewing process, from the look and smell of the beans, to the undeniable depth of flavor and aroma each cup delivers.

French Roast: One of One Village’s darkest roasts, this is a robust, big-bodied cup of java.  Chocolate, smoke, and a hint of caramel are noticeable in this smooth as silk coffee.

One Village Coffee - French Blend
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