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The Good. The Great. The Gorgeous.

​Oliva's award-winning Serie 'G' line has long been a standout in both the flavor and value departments. The '91' rated natural version of these box-pressed beauties boasts a Central African Cameroon wrapper around a recipe of top-notch Nicaraguan tobaccos, while the '90' rated Serie 'G' Maduro is rolled with a dark Connecticut Broadleaf with the same lush long-fillers underneath. Either one of these medium-bodied blends will delight all-comers to no end, and successfully satisfy even those most-discerning of self-dubbed 'cigar snobs' in impressive fashion. Factor in the pair's paltry pricing and you have yourself two certifiable 'go-tos' that can be enjoyed everyday.  

Oliva Serie 'G' Collection contains:
5 x Oliva Serie ‘G’ Robusto (4.5”x50) '91' rated
5 x Oliva Serie 'G' Belicoso (5.0”x52) '91' rated
5 x Oliva Serie ‘G’ Maduro Perfecto (5.5”x54) '90' rated
5 x Oliva Serie ‘G’ Maduro Presidente (8.0”x52) '90' rated

Oliva Serie 'G' Collection

Oliva Serie 'G' Collection sale

Oliva Serie 'G' Collection
20 Cigars
$141.08 | save $59.09 | 42% off
$141.08 | save $59.09 | 42% off
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