NUB Sumatra



Perfect Burn, Impressive Flavor.

Originally crafted to capture a cigar’s sweet spot, NUB is arguably one of the most unique and popular brands on the market today. Each premium features a short and stout vitola which creates an unforgettable experience with a cool burn and unparalleled flavor. Oliva NUB Studio Tobac takes the brand’s special blending a step further with a series of small-batch releases that will impress even the most ardent aficionado. Each release utilizes unique tobaccos which are skillfully crafted into Nub’s signature shape & sizes. 

Wrapped with the same tobacco leaf used for the legendary Oliva Serie ‘V’ Melanio, NUB Sumatra is brimming with complex hints of cocoa, leather, baking spices, and earth. Slow burning and a naturally sweet finish, this blend is a must for anyone looking for top-tier quality.

460 Sumatra (Gordo) (4.0"x60)
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