Nub Nuance Roast Tins

(Nub Cafe)



The innovative Studio Tobac original.

Making a name for themselves back in 2008 for releasing an instantly recognizable stout-sized cigar, the Nub brand has captivated the industry from its conception. Innovation has been at the forefront of this brand from the beginning and continues to be with their newest addition, NUB Nuance Roast. The first infused cigars to be produced by the Oliva Family; Nub Nuance Roast comes in three flavors—Single Roast, Double Roast and Triple Roast.

The mellowest of the three, Nub Single Roast boasts a shiny Connecticut Shade wrapper, offering strong notes of vanilla and cedar. Nub Triple Roast is a medium to full-bodied blend, boasting hearty flavors of dark cocao and is showcased in a Sumatra wrapper. Also wrapped in a Sumatra leaf, Nub Double Roast is a medium-bodied blend that has an essence of white chocolate and a rich sweetness. If you enjoy a cup of coffee with your cigars, it's time to experience the ultimate combination thanks to these premium blends from one of the well-respected manufacturers of our time.

NOTE: Nub Cafe has undergone a packaging change and is now called Nub Nuance. The blends have not changed, just the names on packaging. We will be receiving mixed inventory of old and new packaging for a period of time, we cannot guarantee which you will receive.

ESPRESSO 430 (Cigarillos) (4.0"x30)
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