NUB 12-Cigar Flight Sampler


Find the 'sweet spot'.

Considered one of the most innovative cigar concepts, NUB is a line of short, stout and well-filled smokes blended to capture the perfect essence of a cigar. Oliva has been fascinated with a cigar’s natural tendency to fully develop in strength and flavor about 1/3 of the way into the cigar. Convinced they could capture this “sweet spot” in a compact smoke that would maintain perfect flavor from start to finish, team Oliva released NUB. Here's a dozen of the most delicious NUB has to offer.

NUB 12-Cigar Flight Sampler contains:
2 x NUB Cameroon 464 Torpedo (4.0"x64)
2 x NUB Connecticut 460 (4.0"x60)
2 x NUB Habano 466 (4.0"x60)
2 x NUB Cameroon 466 Box-Pressed Torpedo (4.0"x66)
2 x NUB Connecticut 464 Torpedo (4.0"x64)
2 x NUB Habano 460 (4.0"x60)

Nub 12-Cigar Flight Sampler
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