Montecristo Mayhem Sampler


A monster Montecristo deal.

Mayhem can mean chaos, bedlam, disorder, and madness, and this Montecristo sampler is guaranteed to incite a fair bit of pandemonium when you get a peek at what lies in store for you. With two best-selling blends represented—Montecristo and Montecristo Media Noche—you’ll receive ten delicious cigars in total and a, XIKAR 75-ring gauge guillotine added to the mix for good measure. Montecristo’s legendary reputation is well-deserved as the brand continues to churn out one crowd-pleasing premium after another—all delicious, all perfectly constructed, and all worthy of the Montecristo name. Beat the bedlam, and secure your Montecristo Mayhem Sampler by adding it to your cart today.

Montecristo Mayhem Sampler contains:
5 x Montecristo Churchill Extra (7.5”x52)
5 x Montecristo Media Noche Churchill (7.0”x58)
1 x XIKAR 75-Ring Gauge Guillotine 

Montecristo Mayhem Sampler
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