Man O' War Side Projects



Small batch blends from Man O' War.

If you’re a cigar enthusiast and haven’t heard of Man O’ War, then you really need to pay attention! Hailing from Tabacalera Fernandez, Man O’ War redefines the qualities of an affordable, super-premium cigar. Rolled under the strict supervision of AJ Fernandez, these works of art will take your palate to places undiscovered. In addition to his core lines, he has tons of limited tobaccos that he can’t mass produce, so we convinced him to produce some small batch blends. Each Side Project only comes in one size which was specifically selected to complement each blend. Each Project is only a limited run so hurry and get yourself a box!

Skull Crusher - True to its name, Skull Crusher is not for the faint-of-palate. This meaty powerhouse is loaded with Nicaraguan fillers concealed beneath a flavorful Mexican binder that is topped off by a seamless PA Broadleaf wrapper. The fillers provide the punch but the smooth Broadleaf wrapper provides a semi-sweet chocolate finish that balances everything out. Another gem from Man O’ War.

52C - This tasty robusto comes in a stout 5.0"x52 size with a wedge cap for easy access to the savory blend. This Nicaraguan concoction is bursting with flavor that is mellowed by the fatter ring gauge. Still medium to full-bodied, expect notes of oak and spice that lingers on your palate.

Little Devil - There's a reason for the name. This little, 5.5"x44 corona is a firecracker that packs a punch. Full of robust spicy cedary notes, this blend is perfect as a quick after-dinner smoke. And in typical AJ fashion, the blend finishes clean and smooth. 

Phalanx - A rich, dark maduro in a massive 6.5"x56 size, this blend has flavor to spare. Dark chocolate notes hit your palate as soon as you light it up and a hint of spice lasts throughout.

52C (Wedge) (5.0"x52)
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Little Devil (Corona) (5.5"x44)
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Phalanx (Gordo) (6.5"x56)
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Skull Crusher (Figurado) (5.7"x56)
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