Macanudo Colibri Firebird Viper V-Cutter



Mac’ attack your next cigar

Macanudo is a best-selling brand with unforgettable sticks! Offering a blend for every palate, from the bold Inspirado Red to the smooth Café, Macanudo knows how to show off every time they bring something to table. Now, Macanudo and Colbri have partnered together with the pocket sized Colibri Firebird Viper V-Cutter, a quick way to get your next party started.  

Offering clean white lines with a pop of contrast from Macanudo’s famous ‘M’, this pocket-sized cutter will trim caps up to 60-ring gauge, and is ready to stay with you anywhere you go. Quickly get the perfect cat’s eye cut, and make your next Macanudo experience be the best one you’ve had yet.

Colibri Firebird Viper V-Cutter - Macanudo White
White - MacanudoIn Stock$14.99