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Sharp, Sleek, and Compact.

Known for making top of the line accessories that are great for every budget, Lotus continues to impress with its sleek, modern, and efficient line-up of products.

The Lotus 11mm Punch Cutter is a compact accessory that’s perfect for the enthusiast on-the-go. Constructed using all-metal, this cutter has a twist open punch with a self-cleaning design, and is attached to a key ring. Offered with a limited lifetime warranty, the Lotus 11mm punch is among the sharpest cutters you’ll ever use.

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Punch Size
Lotus 11mm Punch Cutter
Black Matte
$29.95 | save $2.96 | 10% off
$29.95 | save $2.96 | 10% off
In Stock
Antique Pewter
$29.95 | save $2.96 | 10% off
$29.95 | save $2.96 | 10% off
In Stock
100% satisfaction guaranteed
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