L'Atelier Maduro



A luscious maduro-wrapped gem.

L'Atelier is French for "workshop" for those of you who don't surf the web with your French to English dictionary by your side (we had to look it up, too). Workshop happens to be the perfect name to describe the industry's hottest new brand. Developed with Pete Johnson and his brother, L'Atelier has seen its stock soar since its inception, and they've earned a slew of 90+ ratings, including a staggering ‘94' rating. Not a bad start, huh?

L'Atelier cigars use the same blueprint for success that propelled Tatuaje to stardom: make your cigars with Don ‘Pepin' Garcia, rinse, and repeat. L'Atelier Maduro has the outward appearance of a stronger cigar. The glistening Connecticut Broadleaf maduro seems ominous at a glance, but it provides a smooth balance once lit. After lighting the cigar, you may be waiting for an overpowering, palate buster. Instead you get an extremely consistent, medium-bodied gem that shows off that well-aged, quality Nicaraguan tobaccos don't have to be over-powering.

MAD44 (Corona) (4.5"x44)
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MAD54 (Robusto) (4.5"x54)
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MAD56 (Gordo) (5.5"x56)
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